Dubsado + Why I Love it so Much.


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Hey Memory Makers,

So we are going to go alittle off topic. I wanted to talk to you all today about our CRM system and how its helped us run our photo booth business.

Its called DUBSADO + I love it soooo much.

Now if you don’t know what a CRM system is, its a Customer Relationship Manager or Management. It helps you organize, streamline and automate your client process. So you can use Dubsado* to do things like email your clients, capture leads, send invoices, sign contracts, make and send proposals, questionnaires and so much more.

After starting with the free trial in Dubsado I quickly realized that this was not just some new business program that I could live without.

Let’s find out why I love it soo much!

01 | Lead Capture Forms

This feature allows you to embed a form on your website that collects information from clients (name, email + whatever you need) and automatically populates the info in your Dubsado* dashboard. You can take that information received from lead capture form and follow up with questionnaires, invoices, or contracts.

You'll be using their contact info to follow up or introduce yourself. Gathering a name and email address allows you to start conversations or send pricing with people interested in working with you!

02 | Proposal, Contract + Invoices

Sooo after a proposal is accepted, Dubsado* will automatically create a contract and invoice for you, using the package items in the proposal along with any smart fields in your proposal to auto-generate all the relevant information on their contract and invoice for your new client. Amazing right??

Just think about it:

  • You'll spend less back-and-forth with your leads

  • You'll get paid quicker!

All you need to do is create a contract template with smart fields to auto-populate your client information. You just attach the contract template to the proposal.

You can collect the information for your smart fields through your lead capture - things like client name, their email address, their phone number, address, etc.

Once the contract is signed, an invoice is generated with the items your client selected on the proposal. You set up payment schedules ahead of time so that Dubsado will attach to the invoice, so your client can make a payment right then and there.

03 | Client Portals

Dubsado* makes it so easy for clients to access their portal. You simply provide a link or even embed the portal onto your site, then have your clients enter their email address to get in. Once they're inside their portal they'll be able to view their emails, check in on projects and see if they have anything outstanding to take care of.

04 | customer service

Dubsado’s customer service is absolutely amazing. Dubsado’s customer service has been one of the best experience I have had. They have a Facebook group with so many other Dubsters (my nickname for fellow Dubsado users) where you can ask questions and always get a response from either a staff member, Becca, Jake or a fellow Dubster. Just know your question will not go unanswered.