2018 - It’s been a Year!

Hi Memory Makers,

This year being in business has been great for us! We had as many event as we possibly could even though it wasn’t many it was just right for us. We took over a thousand photos , hundreds of test photos, we saw over a hundred faces, hundreds of poses, and plenty of props. We loved being there for weddings, graduations and so many more events. We hope to grow even more next year as we try and take on new adventures.

What we accomplished in 2018:  

1. We bought a 2nd booth. 🙃  It’s another legacy booth. Its just as awesome as the first. Being able to have two booths has helped us be able to do at least 2 events on the same day with no problems.
2. We updated our website 2 times this year. The second update (in my opinion) was a lot better. I hope you all like it. Tell us what you think!
3. We moved to a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System. That will help us and you all ease through the booking process. Its called Dubsado. If you are a business owner, I would definitely use it. Here is the link.


2019 Goals:

1. Book even more events.
2. Become “friendors” with some of our favorite vendors and offering their customers a discount for deciding to use us. 
3. Buy another booth. You all with love this new booth. I can’t wait to get it launches in April. So we will keep you updated on when get it.
4. Go to as many open houses as we can.


Since you heard all of our goals and accomplishments. We want to hear from you. What have you accomplished this year and what do you hope to see happen in 2019?